TV Films:
1962 Mr. Magoo's Christmas Carol (director)
1969 The Pogo Special Birthday Special (uncredited, storyboards)
1970 Uncle Sam Magoo (director)
1971 Richard Williams' A Christmas Carol (animator)
1973 BC: The First Thanksgiving (producer, director)
1959 1001 Arabian Nights (animation director)
1962 Gay Purr-ee (director)
1970 The Adventures of Milo in the Phantom Tollbooth (producer, director - with Chuck Jones)
1952 Rabbit Seasoning (uncredited)
1953 Duck! Rabbit! Duck! (animator)
1954 (animator:)
Feline Frame Up
Cat’s Bah
Claws for Alarm
Stop, Look and Hasten
Lumberjack Rabbit
My Little Duckaroo
Sheep Ahoy
Baby Buggy Bunny
It’s Everybody’s Business (industrial film for John Sutherland Productions, done during the six month period when Warner's briefly closed down during the 3D craze)
1955 (animator:)
Beanstalk Bunny
Ready, Set, Zoom!
Double or Mutton
Jumpin’ Jupiter
Knight Mare Hare
Two Scent’s Worth
Guided Muscle
One Froggy Evening
A Hitch in Time (US Army recruiting film)
1956 (animator:)
Bugs Bonnets
Broomstick Bunny
Rocket Squad
Heaven Scent
Gee Whiz-z-z-z
Barbary Coast Bunny
Rocket Bye Baby
Deduce You Say
There They Go-Go-Go
To Hare is Human
90 Day Wondering (US Army recruiting film)
1957 (animator:)
Scrambled Aches
Ali Baba Bunny
Go Fly a Kit
Boyhood Daze
Steal Wool
What’s Opera Doc?
Zoom and Bored
Touche and Go
1958 (animator:)
Robin Hood Daffy
Hare-way to the Stars
Whoa Be Gone!
To Itch His Own
Hip Hip Hurry
1959 (animator:)
Wild About Hurry

Baton Bunny (with Chuck Jones)
Really Scent
A Witch’s Tangled Hare
Unnatural History

Magoo Meets McBoing Boing
Magoo Meets Frankenstein
1960 Format Films
Barbeque for Two (animator)
1961 Lickety Splat (director)
1962 (director:)
Nelly’s Folly (with Chuck Jones and Maurice Noble)
Martian Through Georgia (with Chuck Jones)
1966 MGM
The A-Tom-inable Snowman
Filet Meow
Puss n’Boats
1967 MGM
The Mouse from H.U.N.G.E.R.
Rock n’ Rodent
O-Solar Meow
Guided Mouse-ille
Surf Bored Cat
TV Shows:
1960 The Bugs Bunny Show (animator)
The Mr. Magoo Show (associate producer)
1961 The Dick Tracy Show (supervising director)
1964 The Famous Adventures of Mr. Magoo (supervising director)
1967 Off to See the Wizard (producer, director)

• Charlie Tuna/Starkist Tuna
• Western Airlines
• Mermaids/Chicken of the Sea Tuna
• "Inside Mr. Magoo" for the American Cancer Society