The Pogo Special Birthday Special

Chuck Jones teamed up with Walt Kelly to turn his wildly popular comic strip into animated form. Chuck directed the special with assistance from long time animator Ben Washam. Walt Kelly spent a great deal of time at the studio turning out drawings for the show. The entire picture was laid out by Don Morgan, who brush inked the layouts for painting by Bob Inman, who also painted every background. Later, after Walt Kelly became sick, Don Morgan “ghosted” the strip until Kelly’s death, after which his widow took over. Although the color models on this page are brush inked, the show couldn’t afford to carry the treatment through on the cels. Abe is not credited on the show although it appears he did storyboards for the production.

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A storyboard panel:

Artist unknown, possibly by Abe Levitow

Color model cels:

Artists unknown:


Layouts by Don Morgan, BGs by Bob Inman: