The Famous Adventures of Mr. Magoo

The Famous Adventures of Mr. Magoo (1964) - It wasn’t until after Mr. Magoo's Christmas Carol aired again in December 1963 and its achievement of even higher ratings the second time that NBC decided that maybe they had greater potential with Magoo. When the network inquired about UPA doing another special, the studio proposed a series based entirely on the concept of Mr. Magoo's Christmas Carol this time placing Magoo in a new literary classic each week.

NBC signed off on the idea and placed an order for 26 half hours of The Famous Adventures of Mr. Magoo which made its debut in September 1964. There were twenty separate stories produced within the order of twenty six. A number of them were multi-part episodes, which were later cut into longer versions or combined with other similarly themed stories for theatrical release. The most ambitious of all the stories was a four-parter on Robin Hood. Magoo was not always the star character and would occasionally play a second banana as in Robin Hood, where he played Friar Tuck. Abe Levitow served as Supervising Director for the entire series.

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Moby Dick:

Layout by Don Morgan, painter unknown

Color model cel by Annie Guenther (not the drawing, though)

Layout by Don Morgan, painter unknown

Don Quixote:

Background by Bob Inman

From the Titles:

Titles artist unknown, but designed by Don Morgan and Jacques Ruppe